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K’gari Salty Safari’s aims to educate and inspire our clients about individual impacts on the environment and ways to sustain and protect the natural world in which we live and operate our business in. We provide educational and awareness to issues that impact the Marine environments, details of the amazing ecosystem and how we can minimise our impact while on tour, and also encourage more positive personal habits when at home in daily life.

For K’gari Salty Safaris, we believe in protecting and restoring our natural environment, helping to conserve our natural wonders and cultures to ensure future generations are able to experience and enjoy. We do this by:

  • Looking after our natural environment
  • Offering quality interpretation and educating guests
  • Supporting and engaging our local community
  • Reducing our carbon footprint
  • Protecting our unique wildlife
  • Making real contributions the conservation
  • Helping to preserve Australian Indigenous cultures
  • Providing an unforgettable, high-quality guest experience

As a marine based business operating in one of the richest ecosystems in the world and the first Whale Heritage Site, we believe that we play a vital role in providing a service that has minimal environmental impacts as possible, to provide education about the importance of how to protect the environment, and preventing, reducing or mitigating any harmful effects. We are committed to ensure our tours and their activities are done with care and in a manner that respects the natural world as much as possible. Our environmental policies and procedures adhere to the environmental regulation requirements and includes best practice codes:

  • Contribute to the conservation objectives of the Great Sandy National Marine Park.
  • Ensure compliance with all environmental legislation and requirements.
  • Identify and minimise all possible environmental risks associated with the operation
  • Ensure there are no long term environmental or cultural impacts from the operation of K’gari Salty Safaris.
  • Reduce contributions to greenhouse gas emissions and improve resilience and adaptation to climate change.
  • Educate tourists travelling to the Fraser Coast and how to reduce their impact by developing their appreciation and understanding.
  • Staying up to date with best industry practices and environmental news, technologies and ways to contribute to sustainability.

In particular, some of our practices and initiatives include:

  • Offering a sustainable tourism experiences, showcasing best practices and educating greater capacity for sustainability in our area and industry.
  • We understand that all businesses uses energy, resources and creates waste, that is why we adopt sustainable purchasing wherever practical to reduce our impact on the environment. For example, our BioPack lunch boxes are plant based, carbon neural, and compostable.
  • We embed sustainability as a core value within K’gari Salty Safaris culture, actions and behaviours.
  • On tours, we highlight industry best practice and raise awareness of sustainability initiatives and organisations to be part of.
  • Our Environmental management system identifies environmental impacts of our business, sets environmental objectives and targets and outlines responsibilities for reporting and areas for ongoing improvement.
  • Staff training and collaboration: we make sure all staff are aware of our environmental policies and procedures so they know what they can do to help. We also encourage discussion and have staff suggest ideas to contribute to our environmental goals.
  • Signage to help educate and inspire others: we have key messaging on our website, vessel, on our email marketing and through social media.

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