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Sunrise Cruise Hervey Bay

SUNRISE: See More, Do More, Have More Fun!

Our SUNRISE tour is the ultimate way to start your day: peaceful and serene vibes, out on the water. 


Sunrise Cruise, Hervey Bay is a 1.5 hour tour and a fantastic way to start your day with a relaxing cruise departing from Great Sandy Straits Marina. You will come aboard our adventure style Gemini RIB searching for that perfect sunrise shot. This tour is a photographers dream, offering photo opportunities with exclusive, ocean based locations, so your photos stand out from countless land based shots we see everyday. You can also expect to shoot some unique marine life encounters on sunrise, with an array of marine species that frequent the waters of Hervey Bay such as dolphins, turtles, dugongs, stingrays and a variety of marine birds, as well as the odd dingo patrolling the beach, although, this is a rare sight most days. If you’re an avid photographer and perhaps travelling with limited time and budget,  however, would like to capture the beauty of Hervey Bay and the Northern Great Sandy Strait, this is the tour for you!